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"Here's The Perfect Framework To Follow - Simple, Easy & Anyone Can Do It! 

Hi, I'm Damien Leith!

I have been a professional musician for over 14 years. I love music, performing and writing songs. But I also know what it's like desperately wanting to be a full-time musician, but struggling away to make ends meet; gigging evenings and working a full-time day job. It can really take a toll. 

I want to help you and I don't want you to give up. There are people out there that need to hear your music; your voice and what you have to offer. 

About 15 years ago, I was about to quit music altogether, I had my first child and it was a struggle trying to juggle it all. A friend convinced me to go on a TV talent show called Australian Idol and I went on to win! I just barely had the courage to audition, let alone think I could go on to win the show.  


I learnt so much from the whole experience and being thrust head-first into the music industry. I wish I had someone to guide me back then. 

I want to share all that I have learnt and literally save you years of heartache, tons of money and stress. I'm here to share with you everything I've learnt about songwriting and what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Are you really frustrated by the fact that you don't know where to start, what to write a song about or what to do with it once it's finished? 

You might just give up in the end… never fulfilling your dream of becoming a songwriter… 

And worst of all, most aspiring musicians can't get past the idea that...

Making money from music is really hard, has to take a long time, or cost a ton of money because you don't know where to start or what to do. 

But luckily for you, I have something that can help you. 

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

When I started out and desperately wanted to pursue music full-time, I got stuck and lost inspiration and thought it was all too hard. I would ask myself: "How do I make money from my music?"

I got so hung up on the idea that I became overwhelmed with too much information about songwriting and I didn't know who to listen to or what to do next.

During this time, I saw many other musicians with high hopes and lots of energy (and serious talent) give up entirely... This really bothered me...

Then Something Amazing Happened...

I had performed a Roy Orbison classic 'Crying' on Australian Idol and the late Barbara Orbison got in touch and wanted me to work with me. It was incredible and to this day, I still write with legendary songwriter, Joe Melson who co-wrote with Roy  'Crying' and 'Blue Bayou' - huge hits! It is incredible to work with these legendary musicians and songwriters. And I thought I CAN help other artists that were like me back then - even reignite their passion and specifically create something useful to help artists on there way and that's how The Perfect Songwriting Framework was created. 

When all is said and done, you can succeed as a full-time, successful singer songwriter without a record label. In fact, this is the best time to be an independent singer/songwriter.

To help you, I invite you to check out my Perfect Songwriting Framework, my top tips for writing a hit song. I want you to experience the true freedom of doing what you love, creating music that inspires you and others without the stress of having to make money or spending a fortune on recording and producing albums that you aren't happy with. 

What makes this even better?

You can use this framework straight away as it's simple and easy - helping you write effortlessly so you can enjoy the porcess.

What would it feel like if you had someone in your corner, helping you with your songwriting, giving you tips and steps to take your songwriting to the next level?

Take charge and make songwriting a priority, instead of feeling a bit lost and struggling to find momentum. 
If you want all my tips and tricks I've learnt from all my years in the music industry and access to ask me questions than this is for you

Finally, make the time for something you love and start achieving your goals, imagine the immense satisfaction knowing you are taking those steps to becoming a pro songwriter. Even if it's just to impress your friends and family or for your own satisfaction - you are worth it! 


There's no better time to turn on your creative tap and let all your ideas flow out of you. Capture that magic and write songs with ease - that's what I want for you.  

I want you to love your songwriting journey.

Here's the Perfect Framework to follow if you want to write a great song...
This is something you can implement straight away and it will help you instantly write better songs and get you into your creative flow. 

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Imagine writing a song freely and with intention - capturing exactly what you want.  

How would it feel to start writing songs with the kind of clarity that cuts through the overwhelm and gets you motivated to focus on exactly what you want to create. 

Imagine yourself taking action toward your goals, powered with the tools to set you on your way as a successful songwriter. 

Why listen to me?

  • I'm an Award-Winning, professional singer/songwriter and I am giving you the EXACT steps I use to consistently write songs for myself, other artists, TV shows, movies and TV commercials. 
  • ​I work with Sony Music, Universal and currently have a publishing deal with Embassy Music. 
  • Done every course out there? I totally get it. This is different, it's how I like to learn; short and to the point. 
  •  I want you to start implementing straight away and have something to show your friends, family and/or fans. 
  • ​I'm all about taking action and this is for ACTION takers!

There Is NO Catch

Think of this as a gift for you and I'm only charging $7 so you have some commitment to honour yourself. 

All you have to do is download the framework and start writing!

Perhaps if you need some help in the future, you can reach out and we can work together.

But ultimately, I want you to fulfil your songwriting goals. 

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